#DESIGNDILEMMAS: What Comes First? The Space or The Artwork?

There are so many ways to accessorize your home. Artworks is one of the sure ways to give your home some personality. Regardless if your art collection of flea-market finds or pieces from big names, an artwork can make of break your space. They contribute as much visual cohesion to a space as furniture and accessories would. This begs to ask the question, when do you add artwork to your home? Before it’s being designed, while it’s being designed, or after it’s been designed?

We talked to two interior designers on what comes first? The space or the artwork?

Interior Designer Rock Robins

“Never revolve the design around the artwork.”

This veteran local interior designer admits that it’s a tricky question. “It depends if the client already has artworks they collected through the years. If the client hasn’t, the space always comes first then we buy artworks to match the interiors,” he adds. “But never to revolve the design around the artwork, unless it’s like a major focal point of a space.”

Interior Designer Mauro Nepomuceno

“The space should come first, add the art pieces slowly as time goes by”

For the principal designer of MN Design Studio, he also agrees that it’s a case-to-case basis. If the client already has an art collection and has artwork in mind to display and wants that artwork to be the focal point, they will draw inspiration from the said artwork. The shapes, colors, textures, and so on of the artwork will be incorporated into the design. “But if you ask me, the space should come first, then add the art pieces slowly as time goes by. It’s like your growing and evolving with your space and interior.”

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