This is why dark home interiors are always on trend

Interior designers Wilmer Lopez and Carol Peña-Santos sound off on why dark spaces are cool, modern, and sophisticated.

While white brightens up a room and gives the illusion of space, darker tones give interiors drama and character.

Light colors may be easy to work with, but darker hues are just as versatile. You wear black to look more refined and polished, and the same goes for your home. Black, charcoal, brown,  and toned down jewel colors  are easier to work with than you think. This is why designers aren’t afraid to use it in their work–rich, deep hues create bold impact and add drama to any space.

Interior designer Wilmer Lopez uses these flexible colors a lot in his work. “Dark walls give a space more depth, focus, and create a cocoon-like feeling, not like the prevalent notion that deep, dark colors make a space smaller,” he says.

dark interior

Consider rich, deep tones to add drama to interiors. Go for vibrant pieces that will stand out against dark walls

“Darker hues are very cozy, luxurious, and when used correctly, very elegant,” adds interior designer Carol Peña-Santos. These colors look sophisticated especially when combined with white or beige, metallic finishes or warm wood tones. “Accent pieces stand out more with dark walls, whether they’re art, furniture, or even plants,” adds Wilmer.

Painting a room in your house black may be a big commitment, but there are many ways to incorporate richer hues into your space. If you’re unsure whether to go dark, Wilmer recommends using it in small doses. “Go for dark-colored furniture and fixtures to add contrast and create layers of interest. You may even do a dark on dark palette using different tones,” says Wilmer.

Deep tones are calming, cozy, and a relatively easy way to add interest to any room by way of accent wall, accessories, and even small accents. Still not sure about black? There are a lot of other colors you can go with instead. “I would recommend cool dark hues such as navy blue or darker tones of green. Violet is also a good choice. With good lighting, these colors won’t make rooms look smaller,” explains Carol.

“In general, using black, gunmetal blue, or maroon immediately creates atmosphere–mystery or haven, it’s up to you how to express yourself–while showing a more adventurous spirit in design and decorating,” Wilmer adds.

Here are some tips on how to make dark colors work in your space.

Pair dark walls with vibrant or light-colored furnishings. This will help balance your space and keep the focus on your accents. “Dark tones work when used with contrasting colors for furniture and accessories,” says Carol.

Play with lighting, mirrors, and other metallic pieces to add interest to your space. Mirrors will reflect light and your dark walls will change color as the day progresses.


Pair dark tones with metallic and glass accents, as well as plush furniture pieces in white or cream

If you want to use accent pieces, go bright or keep to a muted color palette. This will help make your space look modern and edgy.

Dark walls are a good choice if you want to make a ceiling seem higher. The darker tone will lead the eyes upwards, making your space seem taller than it is. If your wall has trims such as mouldings, keep them the same color as the rest of your walls to create a seamless look.

If you’re still not keen on darker colors, use them in small areas such as powder rooms. Painting one accent wall is a good way of bringing color in without the commitment. Try something new in your interiors with colors such as mustard, emerald, and deep purple. There are also a lot of gray paint choices available in the market with both cool and warm undertones.

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