Camille Co and Joni Koro Launch Two New Furniture Stores From Our Aesthetic Dreams

Curio Cavern and Nordik Concept will be your new go-to for Scandinavian and Luxurious home furnishings! Managed by influencer couple Camille Co and Joni Koro, this new furniture store is a very stylish addition to LRI Design Plaza, Makati City.

Camille Co, Joni koro, Nordik concept, Curio Cavern, LRI Design Plaza

“We’ve always been interested in furniture, we’ve always bonded over it on Instagram,” shares blogger, influencer, and now furniture store owner Camille Co. She shares that she and Joni Koro often tag each other in interior design ideas and furniture pegs online. In terms of operations, Camille is in charge of the retail side and Joni is watching over the wholesale purchases, especially since Nordik Concept offers office furnishings.

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Curio Cavern was dressed-up by Camille Co herself. It’s not the first time she dressed up a unit, though. When Camille’s parents moved houses, she was in charge of dressing the place up and she just fell in love with the idea of styling spaces. “I still get excited with shoes but I get equally excited with interior design now too,” Camille adds when asked about how it was that made her move from fashion to design.

“I got to tap into my inner childhood dream of being an interior designer,” Camille explains about her experience on creating the retail space. In the same light, Joni points out that if he had another option to study aside from business, it would have been architecture. “We’ve always been intune with the design side of ourselves,” Joni adds. The Instagram-Famous couple admits that they are frustrated interior designer and architect.

Camille Co, Joni koro, Nordik concept, Curio Cavern, LRI Design Plaza

“These brands we brought in, these are our spirit animals.” Camille Co

Camille Co, Joni koro, Nordik concept, Curio Cavern, LRI Design Plaza

Curio Cavern has a curated list of brands available in-store, namely GUBI, AYTM, Hag, and any more Nordic brands. Meanwhile, Nordik Concept has Danish and Finnish brands, such as AKUART, Humantool, B8, Framery, and Flokk. “We’ve already been eyeing these brands for so long, we’ve been Insta-stalking them for so long,” adds Camille. “It’s also good that Joni is from the Nordics, so he’s super familiar with these brands already,” she adds.

Camille Co, Joni koro, Nordik concept, Curio Cavern, LRI Design Plaza

The also point out that these brands were not chosen at random, each brand they imported to the Philippines has a special place in their personal aesthetic. “These brands we brought in, these are our spirit animals. All of these brands are very me. I like how they’re minimalist and Scandinavian, but still very luxe and sophisticated,” shares Camille.

Visit Curio Cavern and Nordik Concept at LRI Design Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia Street, Makati City.

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