Creative Ways You Can Entertain Your Guests for the Holidays

For most of us, the ‘Ber’ months mean hosting dinners and get-togethers for relatives and friends. All the long hours in traffic just to show them around can be a real buzz kill. You love them, but everything in the city just seems to be so stressful. To do away with the hassle, why don’t you try these ideas on how to be a good host and show your guests a good time.


Welcome Party
It is important that you make proper arrangements for pickup upon yourself their arrival date. It is better if you do it yourself! If you’re picking them up from the airport, have enough time allowance factoring both the distance and the metro traffic. Bring snacks on board or have a quick snack stopover, but don’t have a feast yet, because you have something prepared for them at home!

From breakfast to cocktails, prepare something for your guests that will surprise them. It helps to ask beforehand for their favorites or preferences—maybe something that they haven’t had in a long time, or a local delicacy to tickle their tastebuds. Pair a themed meal with a themed vacation stay—and don’t forget a great table setup to go with it!


It’s always a good idea to stock up on food and snacks for your guests


Indoor Activities

For those fortunate souls that have a swimming pool and their own movie theater, you already got this covered! Those who don’t have these amenities, however, can still have a great time by staying home and avoiding the holiday traffic!


Movie Marathons
Start by planning a movie line-up based on your theme. Print out movie posters, specify your preferred time of viewing, and display it somewhere visible. Another idea is to raffle the movie titles and have each guest pick the next movie to watch. Bring out a tub of popcorn to complete the cinema experience.


Board Games
This is a sure hit with both the kids and kids at heart! Since the boom of board game cafés a couple years ago, there has been a lot of new games available. You can make it more exciting by forming teams and preparing prizes for the winners!


Ensure that guests of all ages find something enjoyable to do while they’re visiting


Artsy Fartsy
Take your hosting skills a knotch higher by preparing an art workshop for guests! You can easily buy materials from your local supply shop, which sometimes sell art kits readily, too. Come up with something cute and easy, such as making dreamcatchers, painting by the number, or even painting ceramics!


Create a personalized touch by printing out guest cards, menus, and itineraries for your visitors


Out and About
Of course, you don’t want your visitors to go around without a guide, but you don’t want to be too encroaching, as well. Allow them to enjoy exploring on their own without any hassle. You just have to list down your recommended spots and commercial establishments. Do not forget to identify easy-to-locate pick up points, or accessible areas where to get public transport. Don’t forget to give them your complete address and contact details in case they need it.

Goodie Bag
Everyone loves presents! Take a simple canvas bag and put in the basics such as metro rail cards, a city guide map, a small power bank, wet wipes, sunscreen, snacks, etc. You may customize your bags by printing your guests’ names on them. Tweak the selection of items according to their itinerary. This kit may also serve as a souvenir for them to take home.

Be Like the Ritz
Make an impression by having your guest rooms decorated with a motif! Find inspiration from your favorite hotel and place namecards on top of newly ironed linens and toiletries. Place chocolates on their pillows for added luxury!


Extra pillows and plush blankets are always welcome additions to any guest room. Don’t forget fresh flowers, too for that welcome touch!

Don’t forget to prepare everything in advance, so you can enjoy their visit yourself, as well!