A Couple Turns Cookie-Cutter, Contemporary House Into Their Own

Building their home was a creative endeavour for Jenna and her husband, Andy. Being inclined to the arts, Jenna knew how she wanted the house to look like. With interior designers Mark See and Ann Dee, this modern and contemporary house is a shelter for the couple and their two kids.

contemporary home, living room

“It’s not just one design styles. It’s a mixture of everything we like and making them work,” shares Jenna. The contemporary house is a shell, but it is accessorized with a lot of eclectic pieces, giving it more personality and warmth.

foyer, contemporary home, living room

The living room is a refreshing sight with the full-drop windows doubling as the house’s walls. To counter the lightness and aireness, the contemporary home as a heavy wooden piece to anchor the space.

contemporary home, living room

Giving life to what would be a dead nooke, the Space Encounters’ Papa Bear chair makes the hallway. The exterior of the home is a refreshing sight with the lively greens.

contemporary house

The island kitchen allows for commensality in the dining room. Underneath is a mini wine cellar, storing the family’s personal collection. Some of the cabinet walls are also made of glass, 

contemporary house, dining room,

The dining room is perfect for throwing parties. The classiness of the space comes from the upholstered dining chairs.

contemporary house, dining room,

The Den is a multipurpose area where the family spends tome together. One side of the den has a lot of storage space for books, game boards, and gaming consoles.

contemporary house, den, family room

Located on the second floor are the bedrooms of the owners and their kids.

Another Eames chair is found in the master bedroom, showing how much the couple loves the iconic Mid-Century lounge chair.

contemporary house, bedroom

The child’s room has an area for the kid to rest, study, and play. One side of the bedroom has a study desk and storage for kiddie collectibles.

contemporary house

“My husband and I are firm believers that form and function go hand-in-hand,” shares Jenna.

Blending varied styles, as well as balancing both purpose and aesthetic into their home was a challenge. But the couple took it with zest and added their own personality to the contemporary home. The creative couple shares that it was a fulfilling experience to turn their house into a home.

contemporary house, lanai

This story first appeared on MyHome December 2014-January 2015,edits have been made for MyHome.OneMega.Com.


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