Conserve Water in Utmost Style with These Three Home Upgrades

Within the last decade, the eco-friendly movement has taken the world by storm in an effort to lead the new generation toward a greener, healthier planet. Among the countless ways you can take toward a greener lifestyle, making a conscious effort to conserve and use water efficiently is one of the biggest actions you can take. Though rushing through a two-minute shower and dumping your leftover pasta water onto your garden plants may be of some help, there are more efficient and sophisticated methods of getting the job done.

You’ll be surprised how upgrading one or two appliances or fixtures can make the biggest difference, saving you from wasting hundreds of gallons of water a month. Here, we’ll list down three eco-friendly appliances and fixtures that could help you reduce your water usage and conserve energy.


On average, a 5-minute shower uses 10-11 gallons of water using a regular showerhead. Not only do these regular showerheads play a huge part in your carbon footprint, they often don’t do much for your bathroom’s aesthetics or even give you half the relaxing experience you could have with an upgraded showerhead. Not all showerheads are created to help you conserve water, no matter what price range. Look for showerheads that come with buttons that adjust the water pressure to create a lighter flow, allowing you to use less water. For an elevated, planet-loving, and relaxing bathing experience, MyHome recommends Grohe’s Rainshower Eco.


Washing Machine

You may not notice this, but doing a full load of laundry once a week uses a lot less water than doing small loads every couple days. You should also note that your vintage top-load washing machine isn’t doing you any favors, not only because they’re severely outdated, but also because they use about 2/3 more water than the more updated front load models. Save yourself the extra laundry days and enjoy a significantly more budget-friendly water bill by investing in a high-quality front load washing machine that allows you to do larger loads while looking ten times more sleek and elegant as well. MyHome recommends Samsung’s Front Load-Dryer which can take up to 16Kg worth of laundry per wash.

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Toilets consume water more than any other utility or appliance in the household. Did you know that the average toilet uses about 3.6 gallons of water per flush? Upgrade to a better, more eco-friendly toilet by finding one that comes with two flush settings. Dual-flush toilets give you the option to use less water upon flushing for liquids, and more water for solids. This way, you could reduce your water consumption to about 0.5-1.5 gallons of water per flush. For a sleek, stylish, and eco-friendly addition to your bathroom, MyHome recommends Kohler’s Ove Wall-faced Dual Flush Toilet.

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