Connected: A Quick Guide of Setting Up Your Own Home Office

Home offices are becoming more popular these days as more people opt to work at home to either save time, expense, and energy by just working from their own place; pursue freelance work; or set up their own businesses.

Whether your home office is a space to run a home-based business, organize your schedule, or simply a space where you can get some work done, you deserve more than a desk and extra chair stuffed into a spare corner of your living room or bed. Apart from comfort, creating a home office provides better productivity. It can separate your professional work from your daily life. Not to mention, it’ll save you money from renting an office or going to cafes and pay overpriced coffee.

To help you achieve the ideal home office, we listed down some of the most important things you should have in your workspace for a more conducive work environment.

Have an organized workspace

Having your own workspace can make your day more organized and reduce distractions. Make sure your desk is also clean and tidy for a more efficient job. Some items to consider for your workspace: a work table with drawers or organizers for papers. Think about creating a filing system to avoid wasting time searching for papers or loose documents. Make sure to have a laptop that carries the proper specs and installed programs you need.

Proper and adequate lighting can go a long way

Most of the time, working from home means using your laptop for hours on end. Various studies have shown that adequate lighting increases people’s work productivity. Poor and dark lighting can also make you feel sleepy. Take adequate light into consideration in setting up your home office to avoid headaches or strained eyes due to poor lighting of your room.

Place a clock and calendar in the most visible areas

When you’re in the momentum of your work and at the comfort of your home, there is a possibility of losing track of time and date. It is important to have these tools in a room that requires productivity. Hanging up a calendar and putting up a wall clock will not only help you meet your deadlines but will also let you know when it’s time to stop working and get back to your life.

Fast and reliable internet is a must

Having a strong internet connection is also a key factor to consider as you will need to be able to respond to emails, upload files or join conference calls with clients if needed. Having a poor connection that is slow or goes down unexpectedly can decrease your productivity and cut down your work momentum.

This can help increase your productivity while working from home with speeds of up to 100 Mbps with lower maintenance costs.

Add some greenery

Although some might consider their home as a happy place, working from home can be as stressful as working in an office. This is why it is also recommended to put a little green plant on your desk for added focus and decoration in your area. Several studies have proven that having a plant on a work desk can reduce stress, improve indoor quality, and might also help you stay productive through the day. You can also read our guide to 5 Feng Shui-friendly house plants if you want more helpful tips.

For everyone who prefers to get their work done at home, you deserve a comfortable workspace to be able to deliver quality work. In case you do consider, take note of the essential factors, set up your own home office, and be the more productive you!

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