Cheap Chic: 4 Items You Need to Style your Coffee Table

You coffee table plays a huge role in your space. It’s where your guests place their drinks on, it’s where you leave your phone on, and so on. Often found in the living room, a coffee table acts as a centerpiece so it makes sense to style it. While coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes, here are four items we’re sure will help add some chicness to your space without breaking the bank.


1 Diffuser

Aside from making your room aromatic, a diffuser can also some personality on your coffee table. There are many diffusers in the market with reed sticks that can vary in color, the sticks usually come in black, white, or washed beach wood, pick one that matches your overall interior.

2 Coffee Table Books

This is an interior designer-approved hack. Interior designers everywhere hoard fashion and design magazines with a wonderful-looking spine. However, we do recommend purchasing books that mean something to you and not just nice-looking ones. Coffee books help add levels to your coffee table, which is essential when styling.

3 Candles

Want to set the mood for an intimate get-together? Get some candles from a specialty store and light them up when you have guests or you just want to destress.

4 Fresh Flowers

Take a trip to your local florist and pick up some flowers to adorn your coffee table. This brings the outdoors in and add a burst of life to your space.


Words by Patricia Herbolario

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