Sit Back: Simple Tips for Creating a Coastal Living Area

Whether it’s running your toes through warm island sand, marveling at the vivid blues of the ocean, or basking in the glow of a tropical island sun, there’s something about the simple joys of coastal living that keeps you yearning to return to the seaside as soon as we can. For those who find bliss in the comforting presence of the sea, emulating the colors, textures, and patterns of breezy seaside living through your interiors may be your best effort to incorporate the laidback lifestyle into your everyday lives.

Luckily, you shouldn’t have to wait for your next long weekend to enjoy the refreshing beauty of coastal living. Employ a few of these simple design principles and you’ll soon be on your way to a stylishly laidback coastal-chic living area.



The popular color palette for coastal interior design is a refreshing mix of white, light neutrals like ivory, sand, and gray, and a variety of shades of blue. An ideal canvas to start with is a bright room painted with white or ivory walls. Once you’ve prepped your canvas, decorate the space with neutrals and an abundance of your favorite shades of blue. If you prefer to add a more tropical touch to your coastal space, add in a mix of earthy shades of brown and green.



Coastal-inspired interior design’s known for light-colored, distressed wood furniture paired with upholstered pieces and other soft interiors. To avoid making the space looking too dated or shabby, make sure to sand your wooden pieces and give them a fresh coat of paint if needed. When picking out your wooden furniture, pick out pieces with exposed grain. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures. Add in plenty of soft elements into the mix to contrast the hard wooden elements. Other popular materials used in coastal-inspired design include wicker and rattan pieces, which you could incorporate into your space through seating, storage, and even center tables.

Photographed by Jun Escario


Light and Space

Generous amounts of natural light play a crucial role in achieving that bright, dreamy, coastal living appeal. Install sheer white curtains to soften and disperse the natural light entering the space. Move all obstructions away from the windows, including elements from the outside like tall plants and garden ornaments. A huge factor that contributes to the simplistic elegance of coastal-inspired spaces is the lack of clutter and unnecessary decorating. We recommend you invest in soft, white ottomans you could use as storage space while still contributing to your space’s coastal-chic appeal.



A common mistake for those who try to achieve a coastal-inspired look is overdoing the sea-inspired decor. Avoid tacky nautical-themed wall art and accessories. Enhance the space with mirrors and mirrored items that could help disperse light through the room like chandeliers, wall-art, and vases. Glass accent pieces play well with coastal-inspired design, as well. If you’d like to add in accent pieces from the beach, opt for seashells, stones, and pieces made of driftwood and sea glass. Decorate responsibly and consciously by not making accent pieces out of living creatures like starfish and shells that still have creatures living inside of them.