Remove this Home Accessory From Your Dining Room NOW

Clocks are important in any home. They help us tell if we’re early or running late, if you’re a person with a packed schedule, a clock be it a wristwatch or the one on your phone — is a must-have so you can seize the day and make it to your appointments on time. A clock helps a home run like (pun intended) clockwork. However, where you place your clocks can make an impact on your home’s overall aura.


According to Master Hanz Cua, clocks placed in the living, dining room and other entertaining rooms of the home are bad luck. Clocks placed in these areas “time” your visitors when they visit, giving the impression that you are pressuring guests by to leave immediately. A clock is the last thing you want guests to see in these areas, some experts even share that it cannot be the first thing you see either. Never hang a clock directly above a door or window, some say that this makes time pass by too fast and you won’t be able to savor each moment.


If your house clock is located elsewhere in the home but has a reflective glass, never let it reflect your bed or bedroom. Feng Shui experts share that this can mean that you are “ticking your life away”. However, a small alarm clock in your bedroom is fine.


For clocks that are broken or have stopped working, immediately put in new batteries or get a new clock. Clocks that are displayed but don’t work symbolize stagnation in your life, so best to remove them from your home.


It’s perfectly fine to set your clock 5-7 minutes advanced so you don’t fall behind on appointments. And as you might have guessed, having a clock that runs late will bring you bad luck. Not just because you’ll always be late for appointments but  because it means you are (quite literally) living in the past. A late clock will make you lag behind your goals and ambitions.


Clocks are best placed along a hallway, let it be a reminder of time rather than a main decor piece. Clocks not only tell time and keep us from being late or early, they symbolize the time of your life so don’t be afraid to invest in a quality house watch.