7 Cheap and Ingenious Ways to Secure Your Home

Our home is our strong defense against the elements and is the shell that protects our possessions and family memories. More importantly, it deters the villainous schemes of thieves and burglars looking for their next victim. But when left alone, the home stands to defend itself. Every time we travel for that super fun vacation or simply go to work on a typical week, our house becomes a fort without a sentinel. Here are cheap and ingenious ways to secure your home.


1 Loose pebbles

These landscape features are not merely there to beautify the manicured garden. Japanese tales of old tell of pebbles as alarm system against the stealthy ninja. When someone steps on loose pebbles, it makes a distinctive sound that could alarm the owners or their dogs.

2 Chimes

With the slightest blow of the wind, the harmonious ringing of the chimes makes a serene atmosphere. It could also mean someone is opening the door or gate when placed atop it.

3 Dogs

Man’s best friend is also an unfamiliar man’s worst enemy. A security dog is always reliable in using its own judgment against unwelcome guests.

4 Plants

In areas where access should be limited, hazardous plants like agaves, bougainvilleas, or even cactuses can be placed. Their thorny and sharp exteriors are good enough to stop a thief in his tracks.

5 Fake Protection

One must remember that a good defense may also involve deception. To present the appearance of a secure home, some employ dummy CCTVs, blinking LEDs, and other faux systems. You can even place up “This house is equipped with CCTVs” or “Beware of Dog” signs even if you don’t have CCTVs or have a cute shit zu and not a pit bull. These are good deterrents, as long as no one else outside the family knows they are simply for show.

6 Gates and Walls

This is your first line of defence. Make sure you have a good quality gate with a hard-to-pick lock. Limit the key access to the main people of the household. Also, make sure your walls are high enough that no one can climb over them. Add broken glass and barbed wire on top for added protection.

7 Post with Caution

Do not overexpose the family online. Make sure that the security settings for social media accounts are set to ensure privacy. Once outsiders know your family is out of town, your home is an easy target. Share sensitive information only to those you know and trust.


This story first appeared in MyHome April 2017, written by Lloyd Capit Llaga. Edits have been made for MyHomeDesign.ph.