Cheap Chic: 7 Bedside Table Essentials

A bedside table is essential in any bedroom. It’s an additional surface that can help you the moment you tuck yourself in to the moment you wake up. Here are 7 Bedside Table Essentials to make your bedroom more special.

1 Lamp

Since turning off your bedroom’s main light will be too dragging to do once you’re settled in, a bedside lamp is a must to avoid moments like this. Also, if you like reading before you snooze, alamp can help you get the right lighting you need.

2 Alarm Clock

So you can tell if it’s bedtime and time to wake up, a clock is a bedside table essential.

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3 A Good Book

Let your eyes rest from the screen and switch from web pages to real pages. A good book will help tire your eyes without straining them as much as modern devices.

4 Diffuser

Other experts might suggest a candle on your nightstand but we highly advise against it, mainly because a candle might put you in unnecessary harm. If you want an aromatic effect in your bedroom, opt for a diffuser that will give you the same effect as a candle. Go for relaxing and therapeutic scents like lavender and chamomile to calm you after a busy day.

5 Pen & Paper

In case you need to jot something down, like an important task you have to do the next day or you want to record you dream to google what they mean the next day, a pen and paper is something you need on your bedside table.

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6 Mobile Charger

While we advise against you turning into a mobile zombie, having a charger plugged nearby for your phone is essential and realistic. If you’re on a social media binge-fest and worry that you’ll drain all your juice before the next day even starts, plug in your device while scrolling. However,  don’t leave your phone charging overnight because it may damage your phone’s battery or an unexpected overheating might happen in your sleep.

7 Mini Catch-Tray

If you forgot to put away your earrings or your ring, a catch tray on your bedside table is a must. If avoids any “Honey, I lost my ring” moments. Also, if you’re on medication for any illness, a mini catch tray is where you can place your medicine should you need to take one in the middle of the night.