Can You Guess The Latest Bathroom Trend?

Pretty much like fashion, interior design also has a lot of trends that come and go. Taking a look back, Scandinavian and minimalist spaces were all the rage and now the midcentury and tropical look reign supreme. In terms of bathroom fixtures though, one trend is starting to be present in most bathroom suppliers: Traditional design and a rustic touch.

Bathroom Trend

When you take a trip to your local home depot, chances are you’ve seen a lot of modern, sleek, and minimalist faucets and showerheads. Brands now however, are leaning towards bathroom fixtures with more personality, namely inspired by something you would see in a country home or a French provincial cottage.

Bathroom Trend


While the look might be old, rustic, and charming, bathroom brands are equipping their traditional looking fixtures with the latest in bathroom technology, usually technology related to water conservation. Each brand’s take on the traditional bathroom trend is different, some have shiny gold finishes while others have a matte gold coating. Whichever one is perfect for your home,  this rustic and charming trend is here to stay.



Words by Patricia Herbolario