Bathroom Makeover Mishaps: Do Not Make These Mistakes

We always love a makeover project, be it for a small ante room, a foyer, either a compact or a big pantry, or an entire living room. But when we have makeover projects for a bathroom, we need to put things in proper perspective. While you can always rely on the services of design professionals to do the job for you, we feel it is best that you are involved in the project aside from being the paying the client who dictates the outcome.

Imagine the many things that are included in a bathroom makeover—not only the bathroom essentials are needed to be in their proper places, but there are the other lines such as the electricity and plumbing. To do away with the hassles of redoing everything in your bathroom project, here are things that you need to go over and avoid wasting resources.

Not Having a Definite Plan

In makeover projects, there has to be a plan in place in order to guide you not only with the timeline, but also with the budget that you are willing to spend. By clearly identifying the different milestones in the project, and breaking each one with smaller goals, you can also set the budget properly. Most people would just go ahead and start with a bathroom makeover without having a plan and they would always end up spending more—either from unforeseen expenses like extra delivery charges, or extra labor cost because the project wasn’t finished on time. The plan does not really have to be a complicated file. A simple worksheet that everyone involved will be able to understand clearly is perfect.

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Skipping on Quality

A space used very often like the bathroom demands for quality implements and finishes. It is not to say that you have to opt for the expensive brands for your bathroom, but it pays off to know the differences in brands before purchasing. Invest in high-grade plumbing and waterproofing as these are the cornerstones of your bathroom’s function. Go for finishes that would stand the high traffic of the space.


Changing Everything

Do you have to change everything and build everything from scratch in your bathroom? We say it depends—but more than ever, you don’t have to replace the entire bathroom. Keep what you can and work around with them. This would keep your budget lower, and also allow your space to have a connection from the previous bathroom.

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