These Useful Accessories Are Upcycled From Scrap Wood by This Local Store!

There’s two things you should remember with local home store Albero. The first is that they love the environment and the second is that they create incredibly stylish and useful pieces for your home.

“We use high quality upcycled imported wood in our products. Majority of our products use scrap imported wood like beech, maple, ash, oak, and so on. Albero gives them new life by turning them into items that are functional and stylish,” shares Albero.

Alberoph, Albero PH, Albero furniture

Albero aims to procure disposed end-cuttings of wood by big furniture manufacturers in the country in order to create eco-friendly small to medium-sized furniture pieces used to decorate small-space interiors.

“We see the beauty in materials meant to be scrap.”

Aside from using upcycled wood, Albero also considers the end-users’ health with every purchase. Albero use a special water-based finish that not only gives the products a premium feel, but also is free from carcinogenic properties and hypoallergenic, perfect for families who have members who are sensitive to chemical products.

Albero’s  name stems from the very essence of their products. Albero is Italian for tree. “Two things come to mind when we talk about trees – one is wood and the other is life. “Trees give life, providing shelter or air and figuratively bringing life to any corner especially in the urban setting,” Albero’s team points out.

Their products range from Php400 for the small pieces to Php30,000 for tables and cabinets.

“We believe that our use of upcycled wood sends a strong message to the environment-conscious community.  We see the beauty in otherwise materials meant to be scrap. We give them second life, turning them into beautiful and functional pieces that also give life to any living space.”

Visit for more eco-loving products. To know more about them, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

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