A Foyer is Not A Waste of Space! Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Should Have One

It’s the middle of your home’s outdoor and indoor. It’s a transition space in between the outside world and your personal sanctuary. While some might consider this as a “useless” space, especially when you’re limited to a budget. An Architect once said: “The difference between rich people’s houses and poor people’s houses is that rich people have transition spaces in their houses.”

If you have a penny to spare, a foyer is something to consider with your architect and interior designer. This entryway is not a waste of space or money. Here’s 7 reasons why your foyer is super important!


1 It’s The First Impression of Your Home

Aside from your front door, your foyer creates the first impression of your home. Consider it the appetizer of your home, it sets the mood of what people can expect from your home. Having a foyer allows for a buffer area, so people don’t immediately enter your living room. Some suggest that the foyer was made as a space to receive people should the house house be busy with party preparations. 

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2 It’s Where You Can Leave Your Keys

Always forgetting your keys when you leave home? Well, with a foyer being literally beside the front door, you can leave your keys when you arrive and pick them up right before you go! The same goes for all your everyday necessities!

3 Extra Storage

Your foyer can also be a space where you place your shoes, coat, or mail. It can also be a place to put your umbrellas, so the rest of your house wouldn’t have to have water drips from the umbrella.


4 A Foyer Limits Dirt Entry

One of the most important purposes of a foyer is that it can double as a shoe rack/shoe-removing area. If you’re a proud germaphobe, you would know the amount of germs that come with bringing your outdoor shoes in. You can also put a chair there so you can remove your shoes easily.

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5 A Display Area

Do you have a lot of artworks? This a great place to display one of your favorite pieces, shuffle it with other artworks to make the foyer appear like a new space every time!


6 It Keeps the Rest of Your Home Private

If you’re not the type to open up you home to everyone, a foyer can do exactly that. It keeps the rest of your home away from prying eyes, limiting only what you want them to see.


7 A Punch of Freshness

Since it is a transition space in between the outdoors and indoors, accessorize it with a fresh flower arrangement that can be a breath of fresh air in your home!