9 Essentials To Make Your Foyer The Best First Impression of Your Home’s Interior

The foyer: It’s the middle of your home’s outdoor and indoor. It’s a transition space in between the outside world and your personal sanctuary. While some might consider this as a “useless” space, especially when you’re limited to a budget.

If you have a penny to spare, a foyer is something to consider with your architect and interior designer. Your foyer isn’t just a waste of space or money (we can name 7 reasons why!). Here’s 9 essentials to make your foyer the best first impression of your home ever!

1 | Table

To make the most out of that space, purchase a slim console table to put your items in. If you have a vast foyer, you can add a large circular table in the middle to create a flow into your home.

2 | Mirror or Artwork

A foyer is a great place to display your favorite artworks. They say that you should always check the mirror before you leave the house, you know, for a last check on your outfit.

3 | Vase or Lamp

To make your foyer visually pleasing, add pieces that can add levels such as vases and lamps!

4 | Flowers

If you’re putting a vase, might as well put some fresh flowers in there! Again, since this is a transition space from the outside to the inside, you want the transition to be subtle by adding pieces that remind you of the outdoors.


5 | Boxes

If you’ll be using your foyer as a storage area, keep the clutter hidden with storage boxes! Be it shoes or your mail, boxes can help your foyer look more organized

6 | A Seating Piece

This spot is the best place to remove your shoes because wearing your outside shoes in your home means spreading outside germs inside! Add a bench or a stool so you can comfortably remove your shoes.

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7 | Diffuser or Candle

If you’re into aromatherapy, put a candle or diffuser in your foyer to let the scent welcome your guests (and you!) in!

8 | Bowl

The foyer is a great place where you can leave your keys, you can get it from there before you leave and you can leave it there once your arrive back home. A bowl is a great catch basin of other stuff too, like mail, and some spare change from your pocket.

9 | Rug

To accentuate and highlight your foyer, add a rug. A rug can do wonders for your space both visually and sanitation-wise. The rug can catch all the dirt and germs before it can enter your home, just make sure to wash it after!