Take A Look at This 80s Eclectic Home With A Twist

A couple transforms their home in a family compound into their own eclectic haven


Few people would use a single fixture as the basis of a house’s design framework. It only takes a riot of pendant lights doing their best impression of a chandelier, and for newlyweds Jote and Monthi, that was it.

Jote fell in love with its design, which is found right smack in the middle of their dining room. “I think there’s organized chaos there. It’s not fixed; it’s very flexible,” he says of the chandelier’s design.  Everything in their household, taken in parts and as a whole, is much like this fixture—curious, captivating, well-rooted, yet always ready for change.

Construction had already started in one of the six-unit compounds that Jote’s family owned in Quezon City before he and Monthi got married.  Their shared space now as a couple had to be tailored to their needs. To do the bulk of the interior architectural changes, the couple enlisted the services of their friend; architect Mikko Sison.

The couple already had their sights on the nice furniture, but the old architecture gave a very boxed-in-feel, Mikko said. Lack of ventilation and natural lighting was the major problem they encountered with the interiors.

“What I did was pretty much architectural dentistry,” says Mikko. “The unit was a typical ‘80s building with no windows and lots of walls, so I had to tear some of them down and get rid of superfluous things.”

eclectic home
The kitchen and dining areas are a compromise between Monthi’s big kitchen and Jote’s private space with its green wall. This was achieved with some architectural restructuring care of architect Mikko Sison, who made sure his clients both got what they wanted


The results of Mikko’s work are dramatic. It is mostly evident at the second level of the unit. Before, that level was divided into three claustrophobic bedrooms. Now, it is an open multipurpose space that looks like a classy men’s lounge.  Starting with the walk-in closet, the room has access to small office to the left. The master bedroom and bath are both hidden by mirrored sliding doors. Since the couple is from the fashion industry, the space is fondly called as “couple’s ‘walk-in’ because of their fashionable collections and love for clothes.

eclectic home
Jote wanted a unique take on their walk-in closet, which smartly hides the master bath to the left, and the master bedroom on the right. Sliding doors and mirrors expand the space, while clever storage solutions allow for more areas to organize their clothes


eclectic home
Emi Jorge ensured that the couple’s bathroom was bright and airy with its relaxing touches of wood and views of the second vertical garden


eclectic home
The master bedroom features a play of textures and colors, from the teal bed to the wood and onyx table. Mismatched lamps on either side add to the owners’ eclectic, but complementary, tastes


The couple also love entertaining.  This is seen in their cozy living area that has a Nordic blue sofa and a bar cart stocked with snacks for guests.  There is also Jote’s entertainment system that consisting of custom-built speakers that allow music to be enjoyed in every corner of the house. “You can play your music during dinner, and then play something else outside,” Jote smiles. Though it might cost him a lot in fixing his home, Jote sees it as an investment.  It doesn’t matter if it takes longer to do it, as long as it is exactly how he wanted it.

eclectic home
The couple chose to maintain the ‘80s style exteriors to keep with the family’s traditional compound. This is to contribute to the element of surprise when one steps inside their stylish home


It paid off perfectly. Jote considered this is one of the two renovations he is proud of.  The other one is the self-irrigating vertical garden, which is seen from the dining area and all way up to the spare room on the next floor.  Meanwhile, a closed off porch, which was a gloomy veranda, is now a smoking nook. This created an illusion of space and made natural light comes in. “If you look up, there’s more space. You feel like it’s bigger as opposed to having just a wall,” Mikko explains.

eclectic home
Landscape architect Eric Yambao of Plontur designed the self-irrigating vertical garden. “It’s the proudest thing we ever did. Pinaghirapan ito ni Eric!” Jote says


Now, the entire space has a modern eclectic elegance. Still, there are little details that were preserved from the old unit, such as the flooring and much of the furniture pieces. Only now, these are more polished and dressed to match the couple’s evolving tastes.  For Mikko, what brings character to a home is a thing from the past. He likened it to baking sourdough. “You need a little bit of culture from the old sourdough to perpetuate in the new one,” Mikko muses.

Emi Jorge, the interior designer agreed with Mikko. Emi believes that anytime the owners feel like moving things, they should.  It is refreshing to move things, just like a simple relocation a plant can make a huge difference. She noted the importance of having versatile pieces as these can grow with the owners and their changing moods.

One of Emi’s favorite aspects in furnishing the space is playing with lighting. “You have plenty of choices with the lighting. At night, the house can take on a different personality,” she continues.  Emi chose a versatile design in arranging the star fixture in the dining area.

This might be a transformed home but there will always have Jote and Monthi’s imprint. For Jote, they want to make it feel genuine. He wants to easily talk about it since it is personal. So that when people ask where he got the stuff, he knows the answer. “They’re not for show; I’m not detached from the whole thing,” says Jote.

eclectic home
Drama is achieved in the powder room through lighting. Emi installed lights under the custom onyx sink for added appeal


Clearly happy with his new home, Jote is eager to invite people in. “It’s not so big, but there’s just enough space to hold people in. We don’t want to go out anymore. Punta na lang kayo dito!”

It’s an invitation that’s hard to resist, and not just because of the comfy couches, warm lights, and great music. There is graciousness to the couple that will make anyone—friend, family, or guest—feel like they belong here.

This story first appeared on MyHome Inspiring Interiors Vol. 3, edits have been made for myhome.onemega.com