5 Small Changes that Can Make a Big Impact on Your Space

Whether home is a house, apartment, or condominium, we all want one that’s beautiful and livable. In a way, our homes define who we are as extensions of ourselves. We work to continuously make it better, filling it with things we love and cherish. While it would be a dream to renovate spaces and replace furniture pieces whenever we want change, it’s not always easy (or affordable) to do so. Here are some simple ideas that can take your home from simple to stunning.


Go for Color

Color is a powerful element you can utilize to alter not just the look, but also the feel of a space. It is one of the easiest ways to change the look of an area. Painting in a single wall can change the ambiance of a room, aside from being easy and affordable.

Red stimulates our senses and fosters a feeling of excitement. If you want to use this vibrant color, do so in small doses. Go for red accessories like vases and pillows, or opt for deeper shades such as wine or brick. Pink is derivative of red, and when used correctly, can be elegant and tasteful in any area of the home.


small changes
If you can’t decide on what color to paint your walls, incorporate it in your home by way of furniture pieces


Orange brings in a sense of youthfulness and warmth to a space. It is a good choice for accent walls and children’s bedrooms. If you’re not sure what shades will look best in your home, opt for peach or tangerine. These are tints, or colors mixed with white. They’re much softer than a rich papaya shade, but still cheery enough to liven up a dull room.

Much like red and orange, yellow connotes warmth and happiness. It is eye-catching especially in brighter shades. Yellow is good for home offices or study areas, as it sharpens memory and improves concentration. If bright yellow isn’t your thing, go for deeper shades such as ochre and mustard. Cream is also an elegant choice for bedrooms if you want something warmer than stark white.

The color of nature, growth, and healing, green represents stability and balance. It fosters a sense of safety and has the power to restore and rejuvenate the senses. Darker shades of green are perfect for more formal areas such as foyers and entries, while lighter shades are great for bedrooms and kitchens.

Blue (as well as its many tints, tones, and shades) is one of the most popular colors used in interiors. It’s versatile and easy to combine with other hues, but also looks great on its own. Blue is peaceful and calming, making it great for children’s rooms and bathrooms. From navy and cobalt, to teal and cornflower blue, you’re sure to find a perfect shade for your home. Try it on curtains, ceilings, and furniture.

Purple is rich, deep, and mysterious. Its many shades can affect our moods, and its countless variations can be used in different ways. Use lighter tints on walls, and darker tones on accent walls. Break it up with white, or use it sparingly on accessories and accent pieces.


Be Flexible with Furniture

Don’t get stuck with one arrangement. Constantly move things around to find the best piece for them. Furniture in neutral colors are versatile, while bold ones can set the tone in a room. Instead of dining chairs, you can try having bench seating. Ottomans not only serve as additional seating; they can define areas and provide additional surfaces and displays, as well. Some also have built-in storage, making them a good choice for compact spaces.


small changes
Consider the many tints and tones of different colors when planning your space. An example of a tint is cream or beige, which is yellow mixed with white. Instead of the bright, cheery shade, this one is elegant, subtle and calming to the eyes


Entertain in Style

It’s always good to have friends and family over, so make a little effort when entertaining. A buffet table is a versatile furniture piece where you can put chafing dishes during parties, and decorate with accessories on a normal day. Bar carts are useful for drinks, and one with wheels or casters can be transferred from room to room depending on where the guests are. Don’t save your good china for special occasions. Mix and match pieces, and invest on table linen and good crystal. Centerpieces such as floral arrangements or a grouping of candelabras and vases can easily complete a table setting.


small changes
Having people over is fun! Decide on an entertaining theme or mix and match dinnerware and crystal for a relaxed feel


Sun Shields

Window treatments such as curtains and blinds add privacy and protect your home from the heat of the sun. When coordinated with furniture and other soft furnishings, these will also help define the design of a room. There are many options available in the market, or you can also have them customized according to your preference.


small changes
The striped pattern from these automatic blinds gives off a chic, modern feel to this living area


Vertical Horizons

Give your walls some attention with picture frames, artwork, and other treatments such as wallpaper and cladding. These will complete the look of your home. Wall surfaces can be maximized as well with hanging shelves and built-in storage cabinets. These are just some of the many things to consider that can help improve the look of your home. Style doesn’t always have to be expensive. With proper planning, good choices, and enough effort, you’ll be well on your way to your dream home in no time!


small changes
Don’t forget to decorate walls with framed photos or artwork. Vertical surfaces can function as additional surfaces you can decorate


Header image by Mark Jacob