5 Simple Changes for a Stylish Living Area Upgrade

When it comes to elevating your living area’s aesthetic, you shouldn’t feel the need to execute a complete do-over to achieve a stylish space. Achieving an elegant and unique living area upgrade that sparks interest and conversation among you and your guests shouldn’t be as difficult and costly as it may seem. You could even do it yourself! Employ these simple yet effective design changes into your next living area upgrade and watch the space come to life with character, elegance, and charm.


Don’t Forget the Ceiling

There are several ways you can create visual tension for your living area’s ceiling. A simple option you can easily DIY is applying a neutral-colored layer of paint over the ceiling. We suggest applying unique painting textures you can easily execute with a little help of video tutorials you can find online (we recommend color wash, sponging, or rag rolling!) If you’re not in the mood for a DIY project, there are thousands of wallpaper options you can find in hardware stores and online. You could apply the wallpaper yourself, or hire a local carpenter to do it for you.


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Statement Wall

Instead of doing a complete paint job for the entire living area, create a statement wall by painting only one wall panel in your chosen color. Popular color options for statement walls are usually bold and bright, but you could opt for warmer shades like salmon, earthier shades like burnt sienna, or even soothing shades of green. Once the wall’s been painted, hang a selection of art and photos that complement your living room decor. Statement walls make for effective conversation starters for guests, and are guaranteed to enliven a dull and drab living area. If you plan on changing up your statement wall every now and then, removable wallpaper should be your best bet.


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Center Table

Make sure your center table is clear of all forms of clutter. Not only will clutter make for a visually unappealing space for you and your guests, but it also makes for terrible Feng Shui. Once you’re done clearing out the table, pick out your selection of decorative accent pieces to create a visual interest for those who’ll sit around the table. We recommend one or two coffee table books and a small sculpture of your choosing. You could also opt for fresh or faux flower arrangements or large scented candles.


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Add Character to Your Sofa

Incorporate refreshing pops of color into your living area by decorating your sofa with throw pillows in colors that complement your living area’s color palette. You can also opt to add in a throw blanket in a color that would anchor the space. Make sure none of these accents will match the color of your sofa to avoid creating a monotonous look.



Mood Lighting

Highlight specific design elements in your living area by installing appropriate lighting fixtures. Accent lighting, like wall sconces and track lights, does well with drawing attention to paintings and sculptures; while recessed lighting and pendant lights should do a lovely job at providing your space with ambient lighting. We also love a room filled with generous amounts of natural light, so keep the drapery sheer and open during the day.


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