5 Feng Shui Cures You Can Use to Improve Your Home’s Chi

Feng Shui is the art form of positioning and reorganizing elements in your space to allow the balance of nature set the tone of your home. The different elements—fire, water, air, and earth, must be in harmony to achieve good chi. In some instances, rooms in Feng Shui homes would inevitably lack or have an overwhelming abundance in certain Feng Shui energies due to unavoidable circumstances through the home’s environment, floor plan, or other causes. While there are specific methods to cure certain issues, there are several Feng Shui cures that are more evergreen than most, making them suitable to contribute good energy to almost any room in the house. If you’re looking for an easy fix to a room in your home that’s in need of a bit of help in creating good chi, read this easy guide!


One of the basic foundations of good Feng Shui is the presence of good quality breathing air for those living in the home. Apart from opening your windows to allow fresh air to flow into the house, you could personalize your own definition of good quality air in your home through the art of aromatherapy. Similar to sage burning, diffusing essential oils into the air through oil burners, reed diffusers, or ultrasonic diffusers can rid the air of bad energy, creating a relaxing and soothing environment that makes for excellent Feng Shui. If you’re not a fan of essential oils, lighting scented candles could achieve a similar effect.



In Feng Shui, plants represent rebirth, new beginnings, and wealth; making the new year an excellent time to start expanding our growing collection of house plants. Indoor plants rid the air of harmful toxins and pollutants, creating good breathing air for those living at home; thus, making them an important factor in creating good Feng Shui energy. If you’re looking for a more versatile Feng Shui plant, opt for the lucky bamboo plant, which contains all five of the essential Feng Shui elements. Bamboo plants are also fondly referred to as money plants, and are popular good luck charms because they represent steady and honest growth.

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Fountains are popular and more accessible Feng Shui wealth cures. To keep good graces flowing, display a fountain near the doorway, or even have a fountain built in front of your doorway outside. One of the best options for Feng Shui homes is the water bell fountain as its combination of relaxing water energy with the pleasant sound of chime bells appeal to a variety of senses. Be careful not to place any water features inside the bedroom, as the presence of overwhelming water energy might cause an energy imbalance that could hinder you from getting a good night’s sleep.


Mirrors provide light, movement, and dimension to a space, and are used in Feng Shui to reflect the beauty around a certain area. Known as the aspirin of Feng Shui, mirrors possess a variety of abilities that could help multiply and disperse your home’s good energy. Place a mirror in front of the most visually pleasing areas in your home in order to double the good energies that exude from those areas. Like fountains, mirrors shouldn’t be placed in the bedroom since they reflect active energies that could disturb the room’s peaceful environment.

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Crystals serve as excellent Feng Shui cures as they exude strong Earth Feng Shui energies, and promote luck and prosperity in different aspects of life depending on the type, color, and shape of the crystal you choose. When used appropriately, crystals are able to attract love, growth, protection, healing, and wealth into your home—making them excellent additions to different areas of the house. An example would be placing a bowl of rose quartz crystals on your bedroom nightstand to promote romance and passion, or placing a black tourmaline sphere near your front door to protect your home from negative energies.

Photo courtesy of Uby Yanes of Unsplash