5 Easy Ways You Can Achieve a More Eco-Friendly Home

Within the last decade, the eco-friendly movement has taken the world by storm in an effort to lead the new generation toward a greener, healthier planet. Among the countless ways you can take toward a greener lifestyle, maintaining an eco-friendly home is one of the steps that could make the biggest dent to your family’s carbon footprint. You’ll be surprised how the smallest lifestyle changes can greatly contribute to a healthier planet, and even a healthier home. Here, we’ll list down five of some of the easiest steps you can take toward a greener and healthier home:


5) Shop in Bulk

Purchasing your daily necessities in bulk is a smarter, greener way to do your grocery shopping. Leading groceries usually have a variety of products you can buy in bulk whether it’s rice, coffee beans, pasta, and plenty of others. Plan out a grocery day (best to do this with the help of another person) and bring large tote bags, jars, and containers for your purchases. This practice not only helps you reduce your consumption of single-use plastic, but it also encourages you to eat better since most items you can purchase in bulk are whole foods, which beat instant meals and canned goods by a landslide. For cleaning materials, it’s best to invest in large quantities stored in gallons you’ll be able to reuse later on.



4) Time for an Upgrade

Incandescent lights are a thing of the past. If you’re still using them at home, wait for them to die out and make the switch to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Not only will they last almost ten times longer, but they’ll consume up to 70% less energy as well.

If you own an air conditioner from the early 2000’s or earlier, send it to a recycling center and invest in a new unit. Remember, old appliances are likely to consume more energy as wear and tear simply won’t let them do the job like they used to. Try inverter-type AC units, which are becoming more popular due to their ability to consume less energy compared to traditional AC units.


3) Go Cruelty-Free

No, we’re not asking you to go vegan. Shop consciously and do your research on which brands still choose to test on animals. Don’t be afraid to make the switch, as thousands of brands all over the world have already pledged to join the cruelty-free movement. Note that even though some brands promise to not test on animals in most parts of the world, some brands still agree to pay for third-party animal testing services in order to distribute their products in China. One brand to note is Seventh Generation, a company that produces 97% plant-based baby needs and cleaning materials. It only takes a few clicks to find out how to get your essentials without risking the lives of thousands of animals.



2) Turn Off, Unplug, Adjust

Did you know that appliances, as long as they’re plugged in, continue to consume energy even if they’re turned off? To conserve energy and slash one or two zeroes off your electricity bill, make sure to keep all appliances and gadgets unplugged when not in use. As for lighting, allow natural light to flow through your home throughout the day, not only does it help you save money by conserving energy, it keeps your home looking bright and airy as well.


1) Patronize Earth-Loving Products and Brands

Shop consciously by patronizing brands that commit to provide their consumers with high-quality, sustainable products. Go for plant-based products as they’re likely to have a smaller carbon footprint compared to non plant-based products. There’s a myriad of different brands who put in the effort to provide products that are both clean and green, one of which is Seventh Generation’s line plant-based cleaning products, which are promised to be cruelty-free, 97% plant-based, and come in bulk containers for those who choose to live out a more sustainable lifestyle.