The 3 Types of Bathtub Soakers and How They Relax in the Water

Take a dip and find out what kind of bath enthusiast you are with Homestore’s tubs

Nothing beats the feeling of bubbly warm water on your toes as you take your first step into the bathtub. Relaxing in a drawn bath is one of the best self-care methods—from flower petals floating atop frothy bubbles to make you feel pampered, to a bath bomb releasing essential oils to make your skin supple, to scented candles for an instant aromatherapy session, to a soothing face mask to lift the stress and worries away from your face—soaking in a bathtub releases the tension in your mind and body so you come out feeling physically and mentally refreshed, ready to take on the world again.

We all have our preferences when it comes to bathing rituals and taking a dip in the bathtub. We sorted out the three main types of soakers as told by Homestore’s bathtubs. Are you ready to find out which one you are?

  1. The Pampered Princess

If you love glamour and know the true value of a splurge, then you’re the Pampered Princess.

It is important to you to indulge yourself once in a while with a nice relaxing bath. You spoil yourself with scented candles, pink towels, blush flora, and glossy pink-and-gold ceramic containers. Feel fancy with the OUMANSHU OMS 830 with titanium gold-finished feet that curl gently to the floor and look majestic against the bathtub’s sparkling white acrylic body. Find comfort in its gentle curves and lean your head back to truly treat yourself like a Pampered Princess in this bathtub that’s fit for royalty.

  1. The Immaculate Individual

If nothing matters most to you than a clean, refreshing feeling after a nice soak, then you are the Immaculate Individual. Complement your wants and needs with the DESON D-8302-150, Immaculate Individual’s perfect bathing companion. With a clean curvy silhouette and an inset base, this tub offers ample character to your minimalist bathroom. The freestanding base diminishes clutter, making way for a more pristine environment and clearer head. Carefully lay your bathroom products across the bathtub’s wide body on a nice wooden board to methodically and thoroughly cleanse your body. The bathtub’s symmetrical and broad dimensions make it the perfect place to try new bath gels, oils, salts, and soaps so you can scrub away to more glowing, fresh skin.

  1. Beach Bum

If the warmth of the sand on your feet, the smell of salt in the humid air, and the light of the sun kissing your face are some of the things you enjoy, then you’re the Beach Bum soaker.

If you can’t be at the beach all the time, recreate the feeling with a deep refreshing bath in your own home. Get away from the city and find the same solace in the welcoming embrace of DESON D-8330-140. Its cushion-shaped bathtub can be filled nearly to the brim without overflowing so you can be submerged deeper, allowing you to echo the feeling of immersing yourself in the ocean. Take the beach with you to the bathroom with seashell accents, some live plants for fresh air, and an ocean-scented soap to really amp up the ambience. Get comfy with ocean sounds as white noise so you can relax as you would at the shore, and channel your inner Beach Bum.

Whichever kind of soaker you are, indulge yourself and wash your stress away. Treat your soaker personality to a nice drawn bath in a comfy bathtub from Homestore.

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