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Take a Look Inside This Unapologetic Eclectic House

The eclectic home is dressed in black and white, allowing the artwork to shine.

MUST-SEE: This Publicist Dwells in a Modern Home

While the modern home is inspired by the tightness of hotel spaces, the publicist made sure to incorporate a personal touch in it.

This Vacation House in Bohol Rests on a Mountain Slope

No, it’s not on one of the Chocolate Hills.

Pinterest Fans! This Renovated House is Perfect For You!

It’s soooo dreamy!

Industrial Chic meets Country Style in this Local Townhouse

It blends the stiffness of industrial style and blends in the coziness of country chic!

MUST-SEE: This House in Jakarta is a Tropical Escape!

The pool area is GORGEOUS!

Tour Inside This Three-Storey Bamboo House in Parañaque

Sacha Cotture’s Bamboo House is where the European international Style that he imbibed from his original home in Switzerland is…

Tour Inside This Filmmaker’s Artistic Home In Cebu!

While most people move out of their parents house to start anew, Filipino filmmaker Joanna Vasquez Arong traces back her…

This Glass House Has a View From Every Room!

Patterned after a luxurious villa in Phuket, this glass house designed by Cara De Ocampo for her parents features a…

This Antique House in Negros is Made With Bricks From an Old Sugar Factory

This antique house mounted in the middle of in Negros Oriental’s lush greenery is owned by artist and furniture maker…

You Can Rent Out This Dreamy Beach House in Batangas!

Meet The Windward House located in Tali, Batangas. This 1,450-square meter beach house uses raw materials like palacino wood, and…

Tour Inside This Luxurious Contemporary Home in Quezon City!

Cultivating relationships was the main motivator of this home’s design, as ordered by the lady of the house.